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    Wire Length Measurement

Camera Inspection Systems for Wire, Cable, Tube and Pipe

Taymer’s Surface Inspector is the only camera based inspection system designed specifically for in-line applications to detect all types of surface and diameter defects while displaying and analyzing every square millimeter of your product. The Surface Inspector (SI) series vision systems have been designed to work at production line speeds on a variety of product types including: cable jacket, bare wire, pipe, bar stock or tape. The detectable surface defects include pinholes, bulges, neckdowns, surface blemishes, discolorations and many more. The SI series vision systems are capable of detecting defects for line speeds up to 1,300 feet per minute or 400 meters per minute. Taymer camera surface defect detection systems are critical inspection tools to ensure the quality of your cable meets your high standards and is free of surface defects before it reaches customers.

The Wrap Defect Inspector is a variation on the SI series and optically inspects wire or cable wraps, cable armoring or convoluted profiles for any wrapping defects including mis-wrapping, wrinkles, tears, incorrect wrapping angle and incorrect wrapping distance.

Wire and Cable Length Measurement

Taymer has taken the cable length measurement meter technology developed for cable hot foil printers and wire marking machines and developed a dedicated wire measuring counter and cable length measurement machinery and wire length measuring devices including turnkey cut to length systems. High accuracy in cable length measurement meters is critical to understanding your costs and to customer satisfaction. Taymer’s cable length measurement meter solutions include cut to length systems for heavy cable as well as small gauge wire length measurement. Taymer also provides respooling equipment for automated cable length measurement payoff and takeup of cut to length cable measurement. Taymer’s cable length measurement systems includes a dedicated velocity indicator and a cable length measurement count indicator. Click on the link above to learn more about Taymer’s wire counter and cable length measuring devices as well as cut to length machines. Or use these links for direct access to Benchtop Wire Length Measurement Devices and Cut to Length.

Cable Marking Machines

Taymer has been manufacturing cable marking machines, especially cable hot foil printers and hot stamp wire markers for harness identification as well as laser wire marking machines and inkjet wire marking machines, for over 45 years. All of Taymer’s wire harness hot stamping machines and cable hot foil printers are continuous process cable marking machines, increasing the productivity and reducing costs of your wire marking operation. Our cable marking machines are also accurate cable length measurement devices. Customers choose Taymer markers for their accurate cable length measurement!

Hot Stamp Wire Markers, Wire Marking Machines, Laser Wire Markers and Inkjet wire marking machines for Wire Harness Identification

Our hot stamp wire marking machines, UV laser wire markers and inkjet wire markers are capable of wire length measurement, wire marking and wire cut to length for use in cable assemblies or wire harnesses. Taymer’s entry level hot stamp wire marking machine is the CM-6000, capable of cable marking, cable length measurement and identifying wires for use in automotive, aerospace and other OEM equipment manufacturing. Taymer manufactures hot stamp wire markers for printing bands onto cable assemblies such as brake lines in automotive applications. Other hot stamp wire markers use 45 position hot stamping die wheel for maximum flexibility. Click on the above link to see our hot stamp wire marking machine with wire length measurement offerings.

Hot Foil Printers for Cable Marking, Pipe Marking, Hose Marking

Taymer’s Cable Hot Foil Printers are used in the wire and cable industry to produce a clear, bright legend with a very accurate sequential cable length measurement mark in meters or feet. Taymer’s cable hot foil printer meter markers can also be used to print on pipe, conduit, duct and hose. In addition, Taymer produces several pipe hot foil printer models designed especially for pipe marking and tube marking and tube length measurement. Taymer’s contact cable marking machines include embossing and indenting printers to meet European and Middle East nation requirements. Contact us know to find out about our Middle East representative.

Print Inspection and Automated Print Verification

For Print Verification, Taymer camera inspection print verification is a critical print inspection tool to properly set up your wire marking equipment to free your operators from monitoring print quality. Print inspection and automated verification is critical to ensure your wire marking machines and cable meter marking machines are performing to your customer’s expectations. The PV1000 series are the only camera inspection systems available on the market today that can reliably verify print including cable length measurement information at speeds up to 5000 feet per minute or 1500 meters per minute. Our camera inspection print verification is a critical tool to properly setting up your wire marking equipment and to free your operators from monitoring print quality. All wire harness marking machines, UV laser wire marker, inkjet wire marker, cable printing machines or pipe printing machines can be verified – Even non-electronic print methods – Ink wheel printing, hot foil printing – can benefit from our print verification. Taymer Vision Systems can also be tied into cable length measurement devices

The Color Verification System is an variation on the Print Inspection system and continuously compares the color of cable jackets against saved templates to ensure that your produced cable is of high quality, reducing the need for expensive reworks.